Tinted Solar Control with Privacy

Hybrid High Performance line

Tinted Solar Control with Privacy

Tinted Solar Control with Privacy

If you wish to combine privacy during the day and high effectiveness in the rejection of heat, we recommend the High-Performance Metal-dyed line, the perfect combination of comfort, privacy and elegance.

This product promotes electric energy savings, improves privacy and aesthetics, rejects up to 84% heat. It also filters visible light, reducing glare and keeping the view to the outside without darkening the environment, they block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays to help protect your furniture, preventing discoloration, all while also reducing the possibility of skin cancer by protecting your skin.

  • Reduces heat.
  • Provides Privacy
  • Eliminates glare
  • UV protection

We have different percentages of tones or light input according to your taste and need.

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