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Since 2016, our company specializes in the installation of high performance tinted solar control, renown as an authorized distributor of Midas Window film.
About Polaritech

Polarizados Polaritech

We provide professional consulting, catering to the needs of each client.

We pride ourselves on providing a service based on meeting our client’s needs with transparency, honesty, and efficiency, all while providing high quality products at a fair price.

We strive to make your work, rest, study, and social areas the most comfortable and functional, that is why our slogan is “WE IMPROVE YOUR ENVIRONMENT”.

We have a solution for every need. We trust the quality of our window films and we are certain that we can add value to a healthy, safe, and comfortable lifestyle in your residence, business, or industry.


To become the best tinting film installation and consulting company.


Install tinting sheets guaranteed for their high performance and quality, working with a high sense of service, honesty, and support.

Working with a high sense of service, honesty and support


Excellence, Honesty, Responsibility.

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