Benefits of Tinted Sheets


To provide a much more comfortable environment the unique properties of tinted sheets will reduce solar heat coming from your window up to 85%. As a result, you can achieve a cooler atmosphere within the space where it is installed. The temperature in your home can be dramatically lowered without any additional energy use.


Solar radiation brings with it not only excessive heat, but also a harmful ultraviolet radiation of which we are all conscious about. Ultraviolet (UV) rays don’t just cause complications on the skin, but they also fade furniture, rugs, and other precious household items. One layer of the film is specially designed to reject ultraviolet rays(UV) so you can be safe behind the window, as if outside with sunscreen on skin.


Did you know that up to 25% of your air conditioning costs can be lost through the windows in the house?

The film acts as an insulator on the window, helping prevent a substantial loss of energy, thus allowing the air conditioning system to operate easily and efficiently, complementing your A/C investment.

Over time you could greatly reduce your bill practically all year round.


Sun glare can be a problem year round, since the high levels of light transmitted through the window often cause discomfort and lack of visibility. Our tinting films can reduce the unwanted glare at any required percentage.

Our tinting films can reduce unwanted glare to any required percentage.


Our tinted or reflective lines allow you to see and not being seen during the day. This tint not only provided privacy during the day, but also provides a great look to your windows adding elegance to your facades.