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Ultraprivate Smartphones

Breakthrough Mobile phones for the consumer market that transmit minimal personal information. Why It Matters Governments and advertisers gather intimate details from cell phones. On January 21 a text message flashed on phones held by the protesters thronging Kiev’s Independence Square. Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, was then still clinging to power and brutalizing opponents. The [...]

Increasingly, Robots of All Sizes Are Human Workmates

Team workers: An employee at BJ-Gear, a specialty gear maker in Skanderborg, Denmark, works with a UR5 robot from Universal Robots. Most industrial robots are far less friendly than the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, which is safe enough to be a surprisingly popular means of feline transportation. Industrial robots often sit behind metal fences, their [...]

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2014

Introduction Technology news is full of incremental developments, but few of them are true milestones. Here we’re citing 10 that are. These advances from the past year all solve thorny problems or create powerful new ways of using technology. They are breakthroughs that will matter for years to come. -The Editors Article source:

SpaceX Brings a Booster Safely Back to Earth

Blastoff: The Falcon 9 rocket rises from a launch pad at Cape Canaveral. Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, took a step toward making spaceflight less expensive by reusing its rocket boosters during a mission on Friday to the International Space Station. The Falcon 9 rocket used for the mission, dubbed Commercial Resupply-3, or CRS-3, was [...]

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