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Will Designers Take to the iPad3?

Adobe Photoshop Touch came to the iPad this week. The app, which had been available for Android for a while, is downloadable for $10. Jacob Schulman of The Verge, for one, was impressed with the app. He called it “surprisingly functional”–twice!–and demonstrated how it was good, especially, for quick-and-dirty photo editing. He summed up that [...]

Seven Computer Security Fears to Shape 2012

The annual RSA computer security conference, in San Francisco this week, offers one of the world’s greatest concentrations of well-founded paranoia. Experts from the highest levels of government mingle with enterprising hackers working for no one but themselves. And, as far as I can tell, all of them share the opinion that things are worse [...]

Through a Camera, Darkly

Gerhard Richter’s Reader. Credit: ©Gerhard Richter 2012 Multimedia Paintings Like Photos Things Reviewed: Gerhard Richter: PanoramaTate Modern, LondonOctober 2011 to January 2012 Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin February to May 2012 Pompidou Center, Paris June to September 2012 Vermeer’s Women: Secrets and SilenceFitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge October 2011 to January 2012 Damien Hirst’s spot paintingsGagosian Gallery [...]

Computer Simulation Predicts New Allotrope Of Carbon

The various different forms of carbon include diamond, graphite, graphene (a single sheet of graphite) and the fullerenes, which form when carbon atoms bond together into tube and sphere-like structures.  But in recent years, materials scientists have been gathering clues that hint at another type of carbon, which forms when graphite is compressed at room [...]

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